Carlo Baldassarra is the Founder of the Greenpark Group of companies. Greenpark Group specializes in residential and commercial construction that spans across Canada, United States and Europe. Carlo is led by a passion for success and a commitment to family.

Carlo Baldassarra emigrated to Canada from Italy in 1958, at the age of 19. His first job in Canada was as a carpenter but his skill and leadership immediately set him apart rising to company foreman within a few months. Possessing a keen business sense and an understanding of the value of hard work, he was able to turn those qualities into unrivaled success in the real estate development and construction industry.

A decade after arriving on Canadian shores, Carlo created Greenpark Homes, along with partners Jack Wine and Phillip Rechtsman. Under Carlo’s guidance Greenpark quickly became one of Canada’s largest home builders. Carlo further led the company’s successful expansion into commercial and high-rise development which has cemented Greenpark’s legacy as one of Canada’s most complete and trusted builders. Over the last decade, Carlo has spearheaded Greenpark’s expansion into Europe and the United States extending his legacy and bringing the total number of families living in a Greenpark home to over 80,000.

Today, the Greenpark Group is wholly owned and operated by the Carlo Baldassarra family. His inspiring vision for the Greenpark Group, coupled with his strong leadership, has created a dynamic and growing organization focused on developing and delivering quality real estate projects around the world.

At his core, Carlo is a man who has always put family and community first. He has been married to his lovely wife, Angela, for 58 years; and their three sons, Mauro, Armando and Michael have followed their father’s lead, working as senior executives in the Greenpark Group. Going forward, Carlo’s insights and experience will continue to guide the Group’s development, ensuring that the values of integrity, loyalty and hard work continue to define this extraordinary enterprise.