Nicholas Fidei is the founder of Treasure Hill and Treasure Hill Commercial. In addition to residential new home construction, Treasure Hill’s Commercial Division builds and operates several commercial plazas throughout the Greater Toronto Area in Canada.

Nicholas grew up with a family background in real estate and construction, and was inspired from an early age to embark on an entrepreneurial career path. He learned that two of the most important ingredients to success are a clear vision of what you are aiming for, and the ambition and passion to go for it. The drive to succeed and do whatever it takes – which means hard work and a very strong work ethic – these are the essentials that Nicholas relies on to spur him on to accomplish greater things.

Nicholas took this drive and started Treasure Hill in 2003 and has since built, and has in development, over 10,000 homes. As a land developer, Treasure Hill takes raw land and builds a fresh community as they see fit not only creating award winning spaces in which people want to live but also cultivating well thought-out environments in which families can flourish.

From the very start, Treasure Hill stood out in the industry because Nicholas insisted that the standard Treasure Hill home would always be comparable to other builders’ upgraded models. Giving purchasers upgraded features which were included in the purchase price set the Treasure Hill brand apart from its competition.

Nicholas’ long-term goal for Treasure Hill is to remain a leader in the industry. He understands that today’s purchasers continue to grow in knowledge and sophistication and as such, they demand continued excellence and uniqueness in approach.

At the heart of all Nicholas’ choices are his loving family and his lifelong commitment to continue to give back to the larger community in which he lives and works.